Wednesday, December 19, 2012

(Mary) There's Someone in that Box!!!!

. . . . . . .and we're gonna get them before they hurt Granny!

There is this big, gray box in Granny Annie's living room. It looks kinda like her computer, even has a screen, but it doesn't do anything. It just sits there. On top of it is another box, but Granny has never used that, either. We figured it was just a big, strange looking clock.

Except for us critters, it is always pretty quiet around here. Then tonight, Granny says, "We need some Christmas music!" Next thing you know, she pushes a little button on that big gray box and that screen, like on the computer, lights up! Even Bubba, who is 10 months old, has never seen that thing come on! Then she pulls out this little round plastic thing and sticks it in that little box on top of the big box.  Oh, my!

Next thing you know, some man starts singing!!! There was no picture on that gray box, like on Granny's computer, just some words, so that man had to be hiding in that big ole box. We all started fiercely barking and growling his way, to let him know he better not come near our Granny! Me, Nellie, Fifi, and Bubba circled all around that gray box and barked and howled at the top of our lungs (Dusty was no help... he was upstairs taking a nap). I don't know why Granny was laughing so hard. We were trying to protect her!!!

That man just kept singing... then some other people joined in with him... there were a bunch of people hiding in that box just waiting to come out and get our Granny! We started running all around and jumping at it, desperately trying to get those people away from Granny. But darn that Granny, she just kept laughing! She couldn't even stand up straight, she was laughing so hard. But this was serious! I don't know what she thought was so funny because intruders were in our house!

Granny laughed and tripped all the way to the front door and opened it. The other three Boxers ran out, continuing to bark and howl as they ran all around the house trying to find the intruders and chase them away, but I stayed in to protect Granny and stood guard between her and that big gray box (she said it was just an old TV, whatever that is).

Finally, after awhile, those people that were singing started to sound pretty soothing. Granny kept saying they were okay, and they finally lulled me to sleep. I guess they are alright, just so long as they stay inside that big gray box and don't try to come out of it. But if they do, I am going to be right there ready to bite them and chase them out of our cozy, warm house. And until then, they sound pretty good. I think I will just lay here and listen to that pretty sound they are making that Granny Annie calls Christmas music. She says those people are called Trans Siberian Orchestra. They do sound pretty good.


  1. We loved this post!! What a darling bunch of doggies trying to protect you!! Enjoy your holidays and hugs to the whole gang!

    Purrs from Zee, Zoey, Jazz, Harley, Mia, Peanut, Rolz, and Kizmet

    1. Thank you so much!!!! And we are glad you enjoyed the post. We hope you all had a fantastic holiday season and the New Year is off to a great start!