Friday, November 9, 2012

Canola for Fleas (Mary)

Granny Annie chased us all down and slathered us good today with Canola oil! Yuck!!!! I'm the hardest to catch, ha, ha, ha. I just see her coming with that bottle of oil and I run. I don't like that stuff being smeared all over me. It sure does get the fleas off, though. And THAT I like!

Yep, did you know that Canola Oil is listed with the EPA as an insecticide? It sure is! It kills fleas good without hurting us. I won't say that it kills them naturally, because Granny says that there isn't much natural about Canola oil and she wouldn't eat it, but it sure does kill fleas good. Bubba is white, so the fleas love him an extra lot. And some of the flea sprays make him real sick, so Granny is really glad that something as simple as Canola oil works so good for getting the fleas off of us. And that regular-sized bottle of oil lasts a long time for ALL of us! So it is safe, effective, and cheap! And Granny likes cheap. Oh, and she puts it on the cats, too.

But Granny forgot to oil down my feet today, and the fleas that survived all ran to my feet, so even though I don't like being oiled down, I am going to ask Granny to put some on my feet, too, before we go to bed. Otherwise I will itch all night and I will probably keep her awake being noisy biting my feet.

Good night all! And sweet dreams... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz 


  1. Good idea Granny Annie...I tried that this winter on Monster the cat, seemed to work, the fleas come back after awhile but Monster prefers that over vinegar !
    Now if only I can give up using canola oil myself in the food...

    1. Thank you! Yes, it is REALLY hard to get away from using Canola oil in our food. So glad it helped Monster, though! Seems every pre-packaged food is using it!
      Just thought I would update. Since my sister "Mary" made this post, we have discovered that Soybean oil also works very, very well to get rid of fleas. In fact, we have built up such an immunity (or, at least the fleas have) to Frontline and all of those kinds of things, that the soybean oil seems to work even better. Granny just has to apply it to us every few days, though, because we keep licking it off. It's good tasting stuff! :)