Thursday, January 24, 2013

Bubba's First Birthday Party!


This is a virtual Birthday Party for Bubba! Yes, we know the party is getting started kind of late, but it has been a very long day. Come on by and say howdy and happy birthday. As our gift to you, please feel free to leave a link to your website as you sign your birthday wishes in the comment.  If you have any problems leaving your link or any pics you might want to leave, please let us know. This is the first time I have tried to adjust the settings so that links and pics could be left.

Stew and cookies will be ready in a few minutes.

THE STEW AND DUMPLINGS are now ready! Grab yourself a bowl and dip you some up. 

BUBBA'S Birthday Cookie is ready! (Peanut Butter) He just blew out his candle and it's time to eat cookies! Don't worry, I have a plate full set aside for all of us humans that don't want dog slobbers (from blowing out that candle) on theirs.

It's time for presents now, that is tradition around here, anyway, right after cake/cookies. But Bubba got overanxious and got his gift earlier today. That was okay, though, because it was so pretty outside this afternoon for running around and playing with it.

Yes, I know, a little blurry, but I had to take the pic fast before he ran off with it.

The party will continue on for hours. Anyone ready for some chips and dip? Just dive on in. Remember, no double dipping.


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Big Bubba!
    Can I have some more of that yummy cookie?

  2. Happy Birthday, Bubba!!! Granny Annie loves you!

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Bubba! Do I get some of that cookie, too? I sure hope so. I'll be nice. I won't try to bite you. Gosh, that cookie looks tasty!

  4. This has been the BESTEST birthday! THANK YOU EVERYONE!
    And now, it is lightly snowing and I am all wound up again!