Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Wordless Wednesday - Let's Get This Merry-Go-Round Started!

Forever Remembered - Forever Missed!

Dog Food in a Pinch (Fifi)

Hi! I'm Fifi! I am actually bigger than this now, but Granny says she needs to take some new pictures soon. Isn't my heart shaped nose cute?

Granny ran out of dog food today and can't go get us any until tomorrow so she cooked us the bestest dinner tonight!! She made loaves of yummy, homemade bread in the bread machines all day. She had gotten some flour for a great price on a close-out sale, so the bread didn't cost much. . . . . and she had the flour on hand without having to leave or spend  money today.

We got Thanksgiving leftovers and all kinds of good munchies during the day. Then tonight, after all the breads were done, Granny Annie broke all the loaves up into bite-sized pieces. She put them all into a very large pan... then guess what she did. She poured cans of mackerel over all of it and stirred it all up! We could hardly wait. It smelled SO GOOD!!!

Awhile back, Granny found another one of those super sales she is always finding and got a bunch of canned mackerel for only 39 cents a can! She said she was saving it for us for a special occasion. I don't know what special occasion it was today, but I am sure glad Granny decided to use it tonight because it sure was good! She dished it up into bowls and made us eat it one dog at a time so no one got into a fight and no one got too much or too little. Gosh, was it ever hard to wait my turn!! But Granny said we all did very good. She was so proud of us for being as patient as we were! I like it when Granny Annie is proud of me!  That was just almost too hard to do, though.  Granny even made enough of the bread and mackerel to feel all of the cats, too. They all got to eat together, though. Those monsters don't even know what the word patient means!

And now, my belly is full, I am drowsy, and I am going to go take a good, long nap. I am getting so very sleepy. Maybe I will even sleep until morning and not wake Granny up tonight. Sweet dreams!!!

Thursday, November 22, 2012










Thursday, November 15, 2012

I Gotta Snake! (Mary)

Granny was SO PROUD of me today! I love it when Granny is proud of me! It makes me so happy and feel so good. I got a snake! I killed it and kept it away from Granny. It was in her garden and I was afraid it might bite her when she was picking her veggies.

It made a great toy, too. I played with it for a long time all by myself. After awhile, though, I got kind of bored playing with it by myself and shared it with my sisters, Nellie and Fifi. Those darned cats sure tried hard to get it, but I wouldn't let them have it, it was mine! But me and my sisters sure had fun playing tug-of-war all afternoon with it.

I'm Mary, the one in the middle.

When we got tired, we tucked it under the covers while we took our nap, to keep the cats from stealing it. Then we played some more tug-of-war with it all evening. We even let Bubba play with us, too. It was such a fun day! And Granny even gave us an extra treat for being so good and protective.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

That Big Bird Scared Me! (Mary)

A couple of days ago, I was outside playing when a GIANT bird went flying over us. It was soooo BIG!!!! It was ugly, and it looked meeeean. I know I am just a puppy, but I never saw a bird like that before.

That bird didn't have feathers. It had dark skin that looked hard. And its wings were on top of its head! Instead of flapping, its wings went around and around, and they made the leaves on the trees blow around hard.  It was so big, and made such a commotion as it flew that it also shook the ground and made the house rattle. That scared me! I went running into the house and ran right up to Granny Annie, trembling with fear. Granny was so nice. She put her work down right then, picked me up, and cuddled me up. I curled up into a tiny ball and snuggled right up to Granny's chest, hiding my head. That was sure a scary bird and I felt safe snuggled up in Granny's arms.

Granny lovingly held me for a long time and told me it was going to be alright. She said that that bird wasn't going to hurt me, but I didn't believe it. It was BIG and it looked MEAN and it was LOUD and it shook everything. Granny said the bird was a 'copter. I don't know what kind of bird that is, but I sure hope they don't make very many babies and I hope they go find somewhere else to fly around and perch.

Granny's warm body and snuggly arms made me feel safe, though, and in no time I had calmed down and was ready to go back outside and play with my sisters, Nellie and Fifi. But I kept my eye on the sky and if that 'copter bird came back, I was going to run real fast back in to Granny!

Friday, November 9, 2012

Canola for Fleas (Mary)

Granny Annie chased us all down and slathered us good today with Canola oil! Yuck!!!! I'm the hardest to catch, ha, ha, ha. I just see her coming with that bottle of oil and I run. I don't like that stuff being smeared all over me. It sure does get the fleas off, though. And THAT I like!

Yep, did you know that Canola Oil is listed with the EPA as an insecticide? It sure is! It kills fleas good without hurting us. I won't say that it kills them naturally, because Granny says that there isn't much natural about Canola oil and she wouldn't eat it, but it sure does kill fleas good. Bubba is white, so the fleas love him an extra lot. And some of the flea sprays make him real sick, so Granny is really glad that something as simple as Canola oil works so good for getting the fleas off of us. And that regular-sized bottle of oil lasts a long time for ALL of us! So it is safe, effective, and cheap! And Granny likes cheap. Oh, and she puts it on the cats, too.

But Granny forgot to oil down my feet today, and the fleas that survived all ran to my feet, so even though I don't like being oiled down, I am going to ask Granny to put some on my feet, too, before we go to bed. Otherwise I will itch all night and I will probably keep her awake being noisy biting my feet.

Good night all! And sweet dreams... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz 

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

I Didn't Mean To, Honest I Didn't (Bubba)

I didn't mean to hurt him! Honest I didn't. I just wanted to play. But now he won't wake up..... and Granny is sad and mad. I made her cry. And that makes me sad.

Granny had to go in to town yesterday. When she got back, it had just gotten dark. Just before it got dark, her favorite rooster had gotten out of his pen. (her other favorite rooster recently got stolen)  I thought he wanted to play and started playing with him.

Well, you know how I love to pull the stuffing out of things. Granny Annie keeps the chickens all penned up because I like to pull the stuffing (feathers) out of them, too. Me and that old rooster played 'chase' for awhile and every time I caught him, I pulled some of his stuffing out. By the time Granny got home, I had half of his stuffing pulled out! Something about feathers just really gets us Boxers all excited! I accidentally made a little rip in his neck and a hole where his tail was when I was pulling out the feathers. I wasn't trying to hurt him, really I wasn't! I just wanted to play. But boy was Granny MAD!!!

Granny tried to whip me, but she couldn't  run as fast as I can. Her legs don't work so good any more so if I run, she usually can't catch me. She said, "I have to go tend to this rooster, but you are gonna get it!" Hmmmm..... I kept wondering what that was suppose to mean.

When Granny goes some where, when she gets back home she always greets us all happy and cheery, then plays with us for a few minutes. Sometimes she even gives us a treat for being good while she was gone. But not today! She just kept telling me how ashamed she was of me, and how mad she was. She said I was a Bad Boy! I didn't mean to be bad... I just wanted to play. That rooster was my friend.

Granny took the rooster into the house and into the bathroom. She wouldn't let us in and mad us stay outside. She said she had to help the rooster. She cleaned up his wounds (I am soooo sorry my little rooster friend!), fixed two of them with a butterfly bandage, and put a BIG, wide bandaid over where his tail was. When she came out, I heard her say he was resting comfortably and breathing better.

But Granny was still mad at me. She wouldn't scratch my neck, she wouldn't give me a snuggle, she gave me harsh, angry looks and said she wasn't talking to me tonight. . . . . and she didn't! I wished she had whipped me instead! I can't stand Granny being angry at me! And I can't stand Granny giving me the silent treatment. That is so much more painful than a whippin'. It breaks my heart when I disappoint Granny. I love Granny, and I loved that old rooster!

Granny watched over that rooster like a hawk half the night, but sadly, he didn't make it. Granny is so sad, and I am so sad. I didn't mean it... *sniffle  sniffle  sniffle*  I didn't mean it....  I just don't know what comes over me when I see feathers.  Granny still wouldn't speak to me when she went to bed. She let me up on her bed, but I had to sleep all the way at the foot, probably because it was so cold and she still needed me to keep her feet warm. I sheepishly creeped up to her and gave her a little 'good nite' kiss. She said, "good nite' and gave me a tiny pat on my head, but still had that angry, sad face. I instantly went to my place and settled in. I was trying so hard to be extra good so Granny wouldn't be mad at me any more.

Granny is still very sad and hasn't spoken to me much today, either. She hasn't played with me and she hasn't smiled at me. But she did give me a BIG hug and said that she still loved me and even gave me a few bites of her lunch. I am so sad that my little feathered friend is gone, and so extra sad that I disappointed Granny and made her sad. I love Granny and I want her to be proud of me. I know I am still a puppy, but I am going to work extra hard at trying not to get into so much trouble.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Whew! That Made Me Tired! (Mary)

Hello! I am Mary the Boxer, and I LOVE to play! But most of all, I like to tear things up. Granny Annie says that for such a sweet, lovable pup, I sure am destructive. I just like to have fun, that's all.

A few weeks ago, Granny was driving down the road and came across some garage sale leftovers by the curb. One of the things that was there was an old, thick lounge chair cushion. It only had one tiny little hole in a seam, so Granny thought we could still get a lot of good use out of it to lay on outside.

When she brought it home and laid it down, we got so excited! Me and my two sisters immediately jumped on it, laid down, snuggled in and took a good, long nap. It was soooo comfy! We enjoyed it for our afternoon naps for a good long while.

But one day, when I was in an extra playful mood, I discovered that tiny little hole in it. Oh! There was so much fun stuffing inside that cushion! I started pulling a little of it out and THAT was so much fun! So I just had to keep going.

That was a LOT of fun, but I soon got bored with it.

Granny Annie was pretty busy working around the farm, so I decided to look for some more things to play with. I found several really great toys outside... and Granny had left the door cracked, so I found some things inside that I brought out to play with, too. I especially liked swinging her shoe around by the long shoestring! I even got my sisters to come play with me with all the new toys I found and we had great fun playing tug-of-war. I like Granny's plastic gallon water jugs, too. That handle makes it easy to hold on to as I bang it around on the rocks making fun noises.

It was such a great afternoon. Me and my two sisters had so much fun!!! But all that playing made us really tired, so we had to lay down and take a nap. But darn those sisters!!! After I got to sleep, they sneaked off and took their nap somewhere else, so when Granny Annie came back around to the front yard, I was the only one there snoozing amongst our afternoon 'toys'! Yep, I'm the one that got busted! "Growl...growl... grrrrr.......

Bubba's Comfy New Bed (Bubba)

Hello, Everybody! I hope you are having a beautiful, tail wagging day! I know I am. But recently we had some really cold days. It got sooo cold, that Granny Annie dragged out all the old blankies she could find and covered up most of her gardens to keep them from freezing. brrrrrrr..... it was really cold!

After a few days, when the freezing temps passed, Granny pulled all those soft, cuddly looking blankies off of her gardens so those yummy veggies could get some sunshine. When she took those blankies off, she tossed them over onto the  hood of her car, 'cause it was right there next to the gardens. She said it was a good place for her to sit there and fold them all up.

But before she folded them up, she had to go do something else for a little bit. I stood there looking at those soft blankies, all in a nice, thick pile, on top of the car hood in the warm, shining sun.  It was just more than a sleepy, big pup could stand! I peeeeeeked around to see if Granny was coming back or if she was still busy with her other chore. hee.... hee.... she was still busy with her other chore. :)

I am so glad I am getting bigger, now. In one, big, hard jump I made it up on that hood, right in the middle of all those warm, cozy, blankies! Ooooo... they were so warm and comfy! I snuggled right on down and was sound asleep in no time. It was such a restful sleep! But darn that Granny! She woke me up with her loud giggle. I don't know what she was giggling about, but she sure was loud. I managed to go back to sleep and ended up having a good, long, nice nap, but I sure don't like my naps being disrupted. Grrrr.....

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Meet Granny Annie

 Howdy, everyone! Granny Annie, here, and I am the keeper of this mob of critters. You are probably wondering, "What mob?", but you will soon see as this blog progresses. Over the next few weeks you will be meeting the 'Bunch' that will be writing this blog. And a mighty FUN bunch they are!

It all started with one female Boxer that was given to me. Then I was given a male Boxer a little later. I have been raising Boxers for awhile, now, and up until recently I never had enough puppies to fill all of my requests for them (Yes, I bred them responsibly, that is why I never had enough to fill the calls for them). Then the bottom fell out of the economy and not near so many people are wanting big dogs. I had Bubba left from one dog's last litter, and now I still have puppies left from my other dog's litter (I also ended up with a second momma Boxer). The older they get, the less likely it is that I will find a new 'forever' home for them. Then throw in the Miniature Schnauzer I rescued from certain death and a few other assorted critters, and you have a very entertaining group.

They are a fun bunch, a laugh a minute at most times, but they are a handful! Although Bubba, at the time of this post, is only about 8 months old, he is the nurturing one of the group, and ultra protective. I have never seen a male dog so ultra gentle with the little ones, while being so aggressive with intruders. He is a true treasure and I am so glad that he stayed!

You will be hearing some input from me, Granny Annie, from time to time, but for the most part, I am going to let my 'kids', the critters, write this blog (there will be more than just dogs writing). It will be very interesting, to say the least, to see what they have to say. Oh, they are an ornery bunch! So stay tuned and come back often to see what mischievous act they have gotten into next.

Have a Wonderful Day!

Meet Bubba the Boxer

Hi! I'm Bubba! Although my snout may look a little longer than average, I am a full blood Boxer, and a very large one at that. I am very gentle and nurturing, though.... well, unless I think you are a danger to us, then that is another story.

When I was born, I was the first puppy of the litter to be 'sold'. I guess 'spoken for' would actually be a better term. There was no doubt that I was going to my new owner, so Granny put a 'hold' on me while the rest of my brothers and sisters went to their new 'forever' homes.

Then when it came time for me to go to my new home, she took one look at my long, beautiful tail and refused to take me! She said that if my tail hadn't been chopped off that she didn't want me. Chopped off?! Chopped OFF?! Why would someone do that?! owwww..... My tail is hurting just thinking about it. I love my tail! I use it a LOT!  And Granny can read my mood, just by looking at my tail, and understand what I need. Oh, I would not have wanted to live with someone that didn't like me just because I got to keep my tail.

By the time Granny found out that I wasn't going to my new home after all, I had also passed the 2 months age and was on my way to 3 months. No one else wanted me either because I was no longer that tiny, cute little puppy. Granny says I am now a cute, adorable, BIG puppy. I love Granny!

So I got to stay and live at Granny Annie's Farm. I am now 8 months old and I work hard to protect Granny and all the other critters around the farm. I protect the front, and my parents protect the back. We are a team!

Thank you so much for visiting my new blog. I hope you will come back often because I will have lots of fun stories to tell you.