Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Dog Food in a Pinch (Fifi)

Hi! I'm Fifi! I am actually bigger than this now, but Granny says she needs to take some new pictures soon. Isn't my heart shaped nose cute?

Granny ran out of dog food today and can't go get us any until tomorrow so she cooked us the bestest dinner tonight!! She made loaves of yummy, homemade bread in the bread machines all day. She had gotten some flour for a great price on a close-out sale, so the bread didn't cost much. . . . . and she had the flour on hand without having to leave or spend  money today.

We got Thanksgiving leftovers and all kinds of good munchies during the day. Then tonight, after all the breads were done, Granny Annie broke all the loaves up into bite-sized pieces. She put them all into a very large pan... then guess what she did. She poured cans of mackerel over all of it and stirred it all up! We could hardly wait. It smelled SO GOOD!!!

Awhile back, Granny found another one of those super sales she is always finding and got a bunch of canned mackerel for only 39 cents a can! She said she was saving it for us for a special occasion. I don't know what special occasion it was today, but I am sure glad Granny decided to use it tonight because it sure was good! She dished it up into bowls and made us eat it one dog at a time so no one got into a fight and no one got too much or too little. Gosh, was it ever hard to wait my turn!! But Granny said we all did very good. She was so proud of us for being as patient as we were! I like it when Granny Annie is proud of me!  That was just almost too hard to do, though.  Granny even made enough of the bread and mackerel to feel all of the cats, too. They all got to eat together, though. Those monsters don't even know what the word patient means!

And now, my belly is full, I am drowsy, and I am going to go take a good, long nap. I am getting so very sleepy. Maybe I will even sleep until morning and not wake Granny up tonight. Sweet dreams!!!


  1. Fifi is so cute! the same colors as our puppy, Herc. He would fit right in here...
    I am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.

    1. Awwww.... thank you! You are so sweet! Is Herc a Boxer, too? That is cool that he is my same colors. I don't think there are so many Boxers my color. I like it that way!

      And we thank you for following! You are not only our newest follower, you are our first! I am going right not to look at your blog. Granny Annie can't wait to see it because she is a mom of six (besides us).

  2. The beagle says he's jealous. I did remind him that he got leftover cod with his supper, but he'd rather be at your house the next time you serve this up :)

    1. LOL, we would be glad to have the guest for dinner!

      Ran out of dog food again. This time it was Turkey and Rice with carrots and sweet potatoes for all the cats and dogs. Yep, used that LARGE kettle I got at the flea market (for 50 cents because it didn't have a lid, but I used a lid I had) to cook it all in.