Saturday, January 5, 2013

Granny Pitched Us Outside! (Rover)

And it is getting ready to S N O W !!!!!

We shouldn't have done it. Granny has been letting us grown up dogs come in at night to sleep because it has been so cold. She puts me in one bathroom (it is nice and roomy) and the two girls in the other bathroom. And she makes us a nice, comfy warm bed with lots of blankets.

Granny brags that I behave really well, but those girls get pretty destructive sometimes. Granny says she has to put everything up really high where they can't reach anything. But tonight was different. All of us were keyed up. Granny was out of dog food again so she was so nice and spent the whole evening cooking us up lots and lots of pancakes. It was such a good dinner. She fixes dinner like this a lot for us, so that wasn't anything different. Then she played with us a few minutes (as usual) and sent us to our rooms to go to bed.

Every night, I scratch on the door for a few minutes because I want to sleep with Granny. But Granny Annie tells me to settle down and go to sleep, which I finally do. But NOT tonight! Tonight I got really rowdy! I was so keyed up and I DID NOT want to stay in that bathroom. It is a big, warm bathroom with a big bed for me, and lots of room for me to walk around, but I still wanted to get out and run around the house. I scratched at the door, Granny told me to settle down and go to bed, but I decided I didn't want to. I pulled the molding and the framing loose that the door latches into and opened the door... all by myself! I was so proud of myself, but Granny was  M A D!!! I pulled the whole thing loose from the floor to the ceiling, then pulled out a little of the sheet rock. Well.... I didn't hurt the door ...... it still works..... give me a little credit, will ya?

But Granny Annie was so mad she said I had to go back outside and sleep in my own house. We big dogs do have our own house, and it is pretty nice. It is an 8ft x 8ft wooden storage building, stuffed full of straw and a heavy curtain over the door so we can go in and out freely but it still stays closed to the cold. It is nice as far as dog houses go, and tall enough Granny can stand up in it, but she still has been letting us sleep in the house at night because she worries we will get too cold at night. But tonight, I have to sleep out here, in the straw instead of my nice warm bed of blankies and my Teddy bear. She won't put a blanket out here anymore because I just drag it out and we play tug-of-war with it until it is shreds.

I don't know what the girls did tonight, but not long after Granny pitched me back outside, she pushed them on out the door to come sleep with me!!! She was so mad she was yelling at them .... said it was nearly morning already and she had to get some sleep without everything in the house getting chewed up. Maybe we will find out tomorrow (later today?) what they did. I am going to go get snuggled down in the straw with the girls,  in our little house and get comfy and warm before much of that snow starts falling. This stinks! I was extra restless and just wanted to snoop around for awhile. Next thing you know I ended up out here. I hope Granny cools off and lets me sleep in the house tomorrow night. Good thing it isn't super cold tonight. Good night, all. Sweet dreams. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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