Thursday, November 1, 2012

Meet Bubba the Boxer

Hi! I'm Bubba! Although my snout may look a little longer than average, I am a full blood Boxer, and a very large one at that. I am very gentle and nurturing, though.... well, unless I think you are a danger to us, then that is another story.

When I was born, I was the first puppy of the litter to be 'sold'. I guess 'spoken for' would actually be a better term. There was no doubt that I was going to my new owner, so Granny put a 'hold' on me while the rest of my brothers and sisters went to their new 'forever' homes.

Then when it came time for me to go to my new home, she took one look at my long, beautiful tail and refused to take me! She said that if my tail hadn't been chopped off that she didn't want me. Chopped off?! Chopped OFF?! Why would someone do that?! owwww..... My tail is hurting just thinking about it. I love my tail! I use it a LOT!  And Granny can read my mood, just by looking at my tail, and understand what I need. Oh, I would not have wanted to live with someone that didn't like me just because I got to keep my tail.

By the time Granny found out that I wasn't going to my new home after all, I had also passed the 2 months age and was on my way to 3 months. No one else wanted me either because I was no longer that tiny, cute little puppy. Granny says I am now a cute, adorable, BIG puppy. I love Granny!

So I got to stay and live at Granny Annie's Farm. I am now 8 months old and I work hard to protect Granny and all the other critters around the farm. I protect the front, and my parents protect the back. We are a team!

Thank you so much for visiting my new blog. I hope you will come back often because I will have lots of fun stories to tell you.

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