Monday, November 5, 2012

Bubba's Comfy New Bed (Bubba)

Hello, Everybody! I hope you are having a beautiful, tail wagging day! I know I am. But recently we had some really cold days. It got sooo cold, that Granny Annie dragged out all the old blankies she could find and covered up most of her gardens to keep them from freezing. brrrrrrr..... it was really cold!

After a few days, when the freezing temps passed, Granny pulled all those soft, cuddly looking blankies off of her gardens so those yummy veggies could get some sunshine. When she took those blankies off, she tossed them over onto the  hood of her car, 'cause it was right there next to the gardens. She said it was a good place for her to sit there and fold them all up.

But before she folded them up, she had to go do something else for a little bit. I stood there looking at those soft blankies, all in a nice, thick pile, on top of the car hood in the warm, shining sun.  It was just more than a sleepy, big pup could stand! I peeeeeeked around to see if Granny was coming back or if she was still busy with her other chore. hee.... hee.... she was still busy with her other chore. :)

I am so glad I am getting bigger, now. In one, big, hard jump I made it up on that hood, right in the middle of all those warm, cozy, blankies! Ooooo... they were so warm and comfy! I snuggled right on down and was sound asleep in no time. It was such a restful sleep! But darn that Granny! She woke me up with her loud giggle. I don't know what she was giggling about, but she sure was loud. I managed to go back to sleep and ended up having a good, long, nice nap, but I sure don't like my naps being disrupted. Grrrr.....

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