Thursday, November 15, 2012

I Gotta Snake! (Mary)

Granny was SO PROUD of me today! I love it when Granny is proud of me! It makes me so happy and feel so good. I got a snake! I killed it and kept it away from Granny. It was in her garden and I was afraid it might bite her when she was picking her veggies.

It made a great toy, too. I played with it for a long time all by myself. After awhile, though, I got kind of bored playing with it by myself and shared it with my sisters, Nellie and Fifi. Those darned cats sure tried hard to get it, but I wouldn't let them have it, it was mine! But me and my sisters sure had fun playing tug-of-war all afternoon with it.

I'm Mary, the one in the middle.

When we got tired, we tucked it under the covers while we took our nap, to keep the cats from stealing it. Then we played some more tug-of-war with it all evening. We even let Bubba play with us, too. It was such a fun day! And Granny even gave us an extra treat for being so good and protective.


  1. The kids sure know how to have fun!

    Happy Thanksgiving to you also!


  2. Yes, they sure do! Thank you, and I hope you had a great day!