Wednesday, November 7, 2012

I Didn't Mean To, Honest I Didn't (Bubba)

I didn't mean to hurt him! Honest I didn't. I just wanted to play. But now he won't wake up..... and Granny is sad and mad. I made her cry. And that makes me sad.

Granny had to go in to town yesterday. When she got back, it had just gotten dark. Just before it got dark, her favorite rooster had gotten out of his pen. (her other favorite rooster recently got stolen)  I thought he wanted to play and started playing with him.

Well, you know how I love to pull the stuffing out of things. Granny Annie keeps the chickens all penned up because I like to pull the stuffing (feathers) out of them, too. Me and that old rooster played 'chase' for awhile and every time I caught him, I pulled some of his stuffing out. By the time Granny got home, I had half of his stuffing pulled out! Something about feathers just really gets us Boxers all excited! I accidentally made a little rip in his neck and a hole where his tail was when I was pulling out the feathers. I wasn't trying to hurt him, really I wasn't! I just wanted to play. But boy was Granny MAD!!!

Granny tried to whip me, but she couldn't  run as fast as I can. Her legs don't work so good any more so if I run, she usually can't catch me. She said, "I have to go tend to this rooster, but you are gonna get it!" Hmmmm..... I kept wondering what that was suppose to mean.

When Granny goes some where, when she gets back home she always greets us all happy and cheery, then plays with us for a few minutes. Sometimes she even gives us a treat for being good while she was gone. But not today! She just kept telling me how ashamed she was of me, and how mad she was. She said I was a Bad Boy! I didn't mean to be bad... I just wanted to play. That rooster was my friend.

Granny took the rooster into the house and into the bathroom. She wouldn't let us in and mad us stay outside. She said she had to help the rooster. She cleaned up his wounds (I am soooo sorry my little rooster friend!), fixed two of them with a butterfly bandage, and put a BIG, wide bandaid over where his tail was. When she came out, I heard her say he was resting comfortably and breathing better.

But Granny was still mad at me. She wouldn't scratch my neck, she wouldn't give me a snuggle, she gave me harsh, angry looks and said she wasn't talking to me tonight. . . . . and she didn't! I wished she had whipped me instead! I can't stand Granny being angry at me! And I can't stand Granny giving me the silent treatment. That is so much more painful than a whippin'. It breaks my heart when I disappoint Granny. I love Granny, and I loved that old rooster!

Granny watched over that rooster like a hawk half the night, but sadly, he didn't make it. Granny is so sad, and I am so sad. I didn't mean it... *sniffle  sniffle  sniffle*  I didn't mean it....  I just don't know what comes over me when I see feathers.  Granny still wouldn't speak to me when she went to bed. She let me up on her bed, but I had to sleep all the way at the foot, probably because it was so cold and she still needed me to keep her feet warm. I sheepishly creeped up to her and gave her a little 'good nite' kiss. She said, "good nite' and gave me a tiny pat on my head, but still had that angry, sad face. I instantly went to my place and settled in. I was trying so hard to be extra good so Granny wouldn't be mad at me any more.

Granny is still very sad and hasn't spoken to me much today, either. She hasn't played with me and she hasn't smiled at me. But she did give me a BIG hug and said that she still loved me and even gave me a few bites of her lunch. I am so sad that my little feathered friend is gone, and so extra sad that I disappointed Granny and made her sad. I love Granny and I want her to be proud of me. I know I am still a puppy, but I am going to work extra hard at trying not to get into so much trouble.

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