Monday, November 5, 2012

Whew! That Made Me Tired! (Mary)

Hello! I am Mary the Boxer, and I LOVE to play! But most of all, I like to tear things up. Granny Annie says that for such a sweet, lovable pup, I sure am destructive. I just like to have fun, that's all.

A few weeks ago, Granny was driving down the road and came across some garage sale leftovers by the curb. One of the things that was there was an old, thick lounge chair cushion. It only had one tiny little hole in a seam, so Granny thought we could still get a lot of good use out of it to lay on outside.

When she brought it home and laid it down, we got so excited! Me and my two sisters immediately jumped on it, laid down, snuggled in and took a good, long nap. It was soooo comfy! We enjoyed it for our afternoon naps for a good long while.

But one day, when I was in an extra playful mood, I discovered that tiny little hole in it. Oh! There was so much fun stuffing inside that cushion! I started pulling a little of it out and THAT was so much fun! So I just had to keep going.

That was a LOT of fun, but I soon got bored with it.

Granny Annie was pretty busy working around the farm, so I decided to look for some more things to play with. I found several really great toys outside... and Granny had left the door cracked, so I found some things inside that I brought out to play with, too. I especially liked swinging her shoe around by the long shoestring! I even got my sisters to come play with me with all the new toys I found and we had great fun playing tug-of-war. I like Granny's plastic gallon water jugs, too. That handle makes it easy to hold on to as I bang it around on the rocks making fun noises.

It was such a great afternoon. Me and my two sisters had so much fun!!! But all that playing made us really tired, so we had to lay down and take a nap. But darn those sisters!!! After I got to sleep, they sneaked off and took their nap somewhere else, so when Granny Annie came back around to the front yard, I was the only one there snoozing amongst our afternoon 'toys'! Yep, I'm the one that got busted! "Growl...growl... grrrrr.......


  1. How unfair! My Mom blames me unfairly for things too. Here's my side of what really happened in the garden a few months ago.

  2. That was too cute! Thank you for sharing your link!

  3. You're welcome! I'm glad you enjoyed it.